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About HOPE


HOPE is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that seeks to provide training and education to low-income and disadvantaged families, small-scale farmers, and individuals interested in growing, preparing and selling their own organic food for self-sustainability.


At HOPE, our goal is to spread our knowledge of and passion for organic farming and healthy eating to the residents of the Rio Grande Valley. We do that by providing gardening workshops, cooking classes, mentoring for organic farming and more.

  • In our gardening workshops, we teach a variety of lessons from what's in season to how to care for seedlings, as well as offer a plot in the community garden to put knowledge to practice. 

  • In our cooking classes, we teach how to prepare nutritious meals with your fresh produce and other useful techniques. 

  • In our farmer mentoring, we offer other farmers who are interested in sustainable farming personal mentoring and equipment use.

  • We also offer the Junior Sprouts Chef Club for children and families which covers many topics including healthier eating, environmental impacts of farming, and how to prepare these fruits and vegetables in delicious and fun ways.

  • Coming soon, we soon plan to start offering some classes on YouTube.

Farmer’s Market

After you’ve taken a class and are growing organic produce in our community garden, what do you do with all the extra that you can’t eat? Thanks to our partnership with Yahweh's All Natural Farm and Garden, anyone using our community garden will have access to their Texas Certified Farmers' Market. All the extra produce you grow in our community garden may be sold through the market. This allows you to be a vendor and start earning income immediately on your produce without having to figure out the details of where/how to sell it, building a stand, getting a permit, etc.

By adding additional vendors to Yahweh’s Farmer’s Market, it gives residents of the Rio Grande Valley better access to fresh, locally grown produce, helps promote healthy eating for our community, and raises awareness about sustainable, environmental practices.


Saul & Diana

Saul and Diana Padilla own and operate HOPE for Small Farming Sustainability as well as Yahweh All-Natural Farm and Garden.

Their farm began from the ground up. After moving to Harlingen in 2004, they purchased land that is now the location for both Yahweh and HOPE. Through the years, they have worked hard to make Yahweh a place of harvest and nutrition for the residents of the Rio Grande Valley. Yahweh is currently the only farm in the valley growing Certified USDA Organic fruits and veggies.

After years of growing organic produce on their farm, Saul and Diana felt called to train others in their community about organic farming, which lead to the creation of HOPE. Through HOPE, they seek to support, educate and mentor a new generation of organic farmers in the Rio Grande Valley.