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Through classes, workshops and a community garden, HOPE provides education and training to low-income and disadvantaged families, small-scale farmers, and individuals interested in growing, preparing and selling their own organic food for self-sustainability. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of farming and healthy eating with the residents of the Rio Grande Valley.

Below are our most frequent classes. View our entire class schedule here.


Farmer Mentoring

From crop rotation and food handling to bookkeeping and obtaining food licenses, this seasonal, 3 month program will teach you the essentials of owning and operating your own organic farm.

Participants will learn things like the importance of crop rotation skills for pest control, how to obtain health food licenses, sanitary ways to handle and harvest produce, proper soil maintenance, computer training for small businesses, bookkeeping and more.

Throughout the program, participants will have access to experienced organic farmers for guidance and advice.

Valley Green Growers Co-op

Anyone from our Farmer Mentoring program that begins producing organic fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, etc. on their organic farm gains membership in the the Valley Green Growers Co-op. Through the co-op, they may sell their produce at the HOPE Market as well as other markets throughout Texas that the Valley Green Grower’s Club participates in.

Topics covered, but not limited to:

  • Assisting individual small farm property owners and providing training in sustainable farming.

  • Assisting beginning and transitional farm producers in starting their own small businesses in the Rio Grande Valley.

  • Sharing use of real estate, property, and equipment for farmer training purposes.

  • Teaching farmers good crop rotation management to improve soil nutrients.

  • Showing farmers conservation practices and proper soil maintenance.

  • Teaching farmers the importance of crop rotation skills for pest control.

  • Instructing farmers regarding beneficial insects and pests in agricultural farming.

  • Providing workshops for experience in chemical-free agricultural production for the transition to organic certification.

  • Teaching farmers healthy and sanitary ways to handle produce.

  • Teaching farmers how to add value to agricultural production.

  • Providing farmers with training to obtain health food certification and licenses.

  • Introducing farmers to computer training for bookkeeping and records.


Community Garden Plot

Get a plot of land in our community garden and use it to grow chemical-free, fresh produce. A 10x10’ plot is either $25/month OR free if you volunteer at least 4 hours/month on the farm.

If you end up with extra produce through the community garden, you have the option of generating extra income by selling it through the HOPE Farmer’s Market.


Cooking Class

Growing organic produce is one thing, but how do you prepare it to get the best flavors and most nutrition? In our community cooking classes, participants will learn how to prepare nutritious, seasonal meals for individuals and families. This is also a great way to learn about new fruits and vegetables you may not have tried before.

Seasonal cooking classes may also cover other techniques such as canning and how to pickle your veggies.


Junior Sprouting Chef's Club

This class, geared towards children and families, gives a fun and interactive overview on the many aspects of organic gardening. The goal is to ignite a passion for gardening in children and to show them the benefits of growing organic.

We cover many topics including healthier eating, environmental impacts, how to plant and grow, as well as how to prepare these fruits and vegetables in delicious and fun ways! 


coming soon!

YouTube Classes

We’re currently creating content for our YouTube channel. Check back soon!