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Farmer’s Market


HOPE Farmer’s Market

The HOPE Farmer’s Market sells 100% certified organic produce from a variety of different vendors. This includes fruit and vegetables as well as meat, eggs and other produce. The market gives residents of the Rio Grande Valley better access to fresh, locally grown produce, helps promote healthy eating and raises awareness about sustainable, environmental practices.

The Farmers’ Market will be available to all who grow produce in the community garden or are part of the Valley Green Growers Agriculture Producers Cooperative Society (see below) and are actively practicing organic farming and ranching. This will not only be a farmers’ market, but also a training area for students to learn entrepreneurial skills in food business.

Valley Green Grower’s Co-op

One of the vendors at the market is Valley Green Grower’s Co-op, made up of organic farmers in the Rio Grande Valley. The co-op sells at the HOPE Farmer’s Market as well as many other farmer’s markets throughout Texas. Members of the co-op are able to sell to a much larger audience and don’t have to worry about running a booth at a market several times a week several markets a week.

Anyone from our Farmer Mentoring program that begins producing organic fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, etc. gains membership in the co-op and may sell at the HOPE Market as well as all the other markets Valley Green Grower’s Club participates in.

In addition, anyone who grows in our Community Garden may also sell through the HOPE Farmer’s Market. (If community garden members would like to be part of the Valley Green Grower’s Co-op, they will need to apply.)

HOPE Farmer’s Market • 19833 Morris Rd., Harlingen, TX. 78552
Monday, Thursday-Saturday — 10:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m
Accepting FMNP (Farmers Market Nutrition Program) Vouchers


Current Vendors

Yahweh’s All Natural Farm & Garden

Galvan Family (Jessie & Janie Galvan)
Organic fed chickens for egg production

Quintanilla Farm & Ranch (Willie Quintanilla)
Organic fed chickens for Egg Production 

CD & J Mini Ranch (Cynthia Cook) 

Ochoa Farm (Stella Ochoa)
Organic fed chickens for Egg Production